Report Abuse

Do you see a company that is marketing their product with discs but do not show end of life recycling instructions? Report them to us and we will contact them. We offer all companies free end-of-life program consulting, as well as free use of our CD Recycling logo to place on their discs or disc packaging. If a company is not promoting how to properly dispose of their disc by recycling it, they are either unaware of the need or simply ignorant. Either way, let us know who you think and we’ll get in touch with them and offer a helping hand!

Help disassemble

Do you live near Salem, NH and want to help The CD Recycling Center help the environment? Please volunteer your time! We have volunteer nights at The Center where people get together and assist us in the disassembly and sorting process of CDs and DVDs that are in cases or sleeves. It's very light duty, in a comfortable atmosphere. You provide the time, we provide the coffee, tea and snacks! (sometimes Pizza!) We do 3 hour sessions and try to have volunteer sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights between 6-9pm, as well as Saturdays between 11am-2pm. If you would like to be on our Volunteer call list, please click here to email us and tell us what hours work for you. We can accommodate individual volunteer opportunities as well!

Spread the word

Please be our eyes and ears. Tell us what might help us spread the word in your area. Is there a local newspaper that might want to do a story? A Local radio station? Town Event?