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About discs

CDs and DVDs are EVERYWHERE. As new technology emerges, CDs and DVDs are becoming unwanted and obsolete daily. But you can put them to good use. Proper collection, sorting, handling and recycling allows your unwanted discs to become new items molded from the recycled plastic. Home goods, automotive parts, building materials and many more everyday items can be made from the #7, high quality plastic that discs are made from. The key is to keep all the discs together, and separate from lower grade plastics that contaminate them. That's what we do here at the CD Recycling Center of America.

Think of this... If every American mailed just one disc to the center, yes - just one disc... there would be enough discs to fill a freight train that is 234 cars long! Look around your home, office and auto. You have discs everywhere. So if any of your discs become damaged, obsolete or simply unwanted, please do not put them in the trash!

Now you know. You're in the loop. Please set aside your unwanted discs, follow the instructions on our recycling website, and mail them into our collection center. Go forth and recycle!

If you use, sell, promote, distribute, or manufacture compact discs, please learn and promote how to recycle them. Use of our CD Recycling logo is free, and we encourage you to use it to spread the word.

Compacts Discs, when recycled properly, will stop unnecessary pollution, conserve natural resources, and help slow global warming.

Thanks for thinking of the environment and helping us keep unwanted discs out of our landfills and incinerators. Every Disc Counts. Spread the word!

About Curbside

The CD Recycling Center focuses on proper disc collection, sorting, handling and recycling. Our mail-in initiative is important for environmental supporters that recycle their discs, and realize curbside recycling does not properly recycle the #7 plastic that CDs and DVDs are manufactured from. We have zero landfill waste here at the center, and we can achieve this by focusing just on CDs, DVDs and related packaging. Curbside cannot properly collect, sort, store and process a few dozen, hundreds, or even thousands of discs. Since we collect millions, it is very easy for us to successfully recycle them.