Commercial Recycling

Recycling your unwanted discs is more important than ever. We do not charge for our recycling service, and it is our goal to help your business meet your sustainability goals.

All large shipments and pallet loads require pre-authorization and tracking assignment so we can direct you to our best facility based on your needs. We can even manage your incoming logistics.

Please contact us and tell us about your recycling so we can help you manage the best way to get your discs to one of our locations. We have several locations conveniently located in the United States to make logistics reasonable. We'll need to know if you require disassembly of your discs from any packaging, the amount to be recycled, and how they are prepared to be shipped.

Your discs and packaging will have azero landfill, complete end-of-life recycling management and processing.

Together, we can truly help the environment. Please contact us us today.

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