Movie House & Label CD Destruction

Attention Movie houses, labels and Major distributors: Secure destruction and 100% environmental sustainability is available here at The CD Recycling Center of America. You can also generate revenue for this activity rather than just pay to destroy it. Contact us and ask us how.

The CD Recycling Center understands your need to securely destroy your unwanted or excess product from distribution, and ensuring it is done via methods that are environmentally friendly. You need to make sure these products never reach re-sale, and that is why you seek secure logistics and destruction of this product. The CD Recycling Center of America has been an industry watch dog so to speak, and unfortunately we are here to inform you that we have discovered many companies are not taking the right steps to securely destroy your product. Unfortunately, some companies that do securely destroy your product do it in a way that makes it impossible to properly recycle it.

BEWARE! There are many companies that charge for disposal and destruction services, and claim proper “recycling” of the product post destruction. They utilized “saw cutting”, “notch cutting”, “hole punching”, and “total package shredding”. They then bale these discs and place them out to bid to many other companies that generally export your product to a foreign country with little to no security to be offered past this point. These methods ARE NOT 100% data secure, package destructive, or environmentally friendly. Ultimately, the remaining product from these methods do not result in 100% reclamation.

You have options available. Call The CD Recycling Center today.


  1. You can request a free overview of your current procedure and environmental impact.
  2. You can also hire us to do an unannounced, random audit of your current process and destruction vendor.
  3. We can manage your complete cradle to grave, and-of-life disc management with proper destruction and reclamation procedures. Rest assured, your discs will be properly handled, securely destroyed and recycled. We can follow all guidelines as set forth in your companies security standards logistics protocol. You can also generate revenue for this activity rather than just pay to destroy it. Please contact us for more information.

Please see our presentation on how The CD recycling Center is your best and only choice for proper destruction and recycling.